The Why

Salted Paper Films was created + is always striving to craft aesthetically minimal wedding films to fuel the soul. Underneath all of the color grading, transitions, music + equipment, we search for the raw + authentic stories to represent who you are in your film. We are constantly inspired by the unforgettable, yet easily forgotten moments we encounter.

salted paper print


The salt print was the dominant paper-based photographic process for producing positive prints (from negatives) during the 1800s.


 the storytellers


Braxton Apana | lead storyteller

“I love taking my camera on my free time + capturing photos or making sometimes pointless films. Video can preserve those little moments in life like watching your friend do flips off of 40+ ft cliffs, stopping on a road trip to run through a wide open field for a laugh, or spontaneous day trips to adventure somewhere new.”


Jack Hillier | storyteller

“I’ve been blessed enough to travel the world; places foreign + local. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from all the cultures + nature around me, it’s that beautiful things don’t ask for attention. The simplest moments create the best memories + experiences, yet are often unexpected. I always try to seek the hidden places, take the roads less traveled + live in the now.”